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Joe Bartnick's "A Killing in Chicago" - A Comedy Special That's Taking the Internet by Storm!

Updated: Feb 10

Are you ready to embark on a laughter-filled journey with one of comedy's finest? Joe Bartnick, the comedian who has captured hearts from the cozy corners of coffee shops to the grandeur of Madison Square Garden and The Forum, has done it again. His latest comedy special,  released on the renowned Bill Burr's All Things Comedy network on YouTube, is a masterpiece that you simply can't miss.

Released just two months ago, this special is not just another tick on Joe's impressive resume; it's a testament to his incredible journey in the world of stand-up comedy. From his captivating performances on AXS-TV's Gotham Live to his unforgettable roasting of Tommy Lee on A&E and his unique acting on Playboy TV's King of Clubs, Joe Bartnick has always known how to leave an audience in stitches.

But "A Killing in Chicago" is more than just a compilation of jokes. It's a narrative woven with wit, impeccable timing, and the kind of humor that hits home. This special, available on YouTube, showcases Joe's unique ability to connect with his audience through stories and observations that are both hilariously relatable and refreshingly original.

Joe's comedic prowess is not confined to the stage. He's also a talented author, with his bestselling book “You Might Be a Douchebag” receiving rave reviews for its candid humor and sharp insights. His passion for hockey translated into the popular podcast “Puck Off” on the All Things Comedy Network, further cementing his versatility as an entertainer.

Touring for years with the legendary Lisa Lampanelli and frequently appearing alongside comedy giant Bill Burr, who affectionately nicknamed him “The Rose Bowl Legend,” Joe has established himself as a force to be reckoned with in the comedy world. His journey from small venues to iconic stages is a story of perseverance, talent, and the undeniable power of laughter.

In "A Killing in Chicago," Joe brings his A-game, delivering punchlines that resonate and stories that linger long after the special ends. It's a must-watch for comedy enthusiasts and anyone looking to add a bit of joy to their day. Don't miss out on this sensational special. Tune into Joe Bartnick's "A Killing in Chicago" on YouTube and get ready for an unforgettable comedy experience.

Join the laughter revolution with Joe Bartnick and discover why he's not just a comedian - he's a comedic artist who paints a world filled with humor, insight, and undeniable charm. Watch "A Killing in Chicago" now and join the millions who have found their new favorite comedy special!


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